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Stonex is a multinational company, based in Italy, designing and manufacturing high precision surveying instruments for different applications: civil engineering, topography, security, transportation and mining.

Today Stonex branded Products work Worldwide in more than 80 countries through a high skilled Network of Distributors.

GNSS receivers


STONEX S10, the most advanced integrated GNSS Receiver ever appeared on the geomatic scene, leads to a new generation of smart and open GPS, where the User has the ability to install customized applications directly on the receiver.

Total stations

Total stations

R2WPlus, the new Stonex Windows CE based Total Station, opens a new era in the world of traditional surveying. Two sides touch screen display gives the Surveyor a clear, colourful and fully graphical environment

Laser scanners

Laser scanners

Stonex X300 is the best solution for any application, balancing economic efficiency and highly accurate outputs. The sealed external case protects optic and EDM components allowing the scanner to operate in dusty environments without risk of damaging sensitive parts.

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